2017 . . . there’s no pressure.

‘You know those days when things keep getting worse faster than you can lower your standards?’ Carrie Fisher

Well, we are very close to the end of a rather significant year. So many treasured icons have passed and it really did seem like we were thrust into another dimension with the passing of David Bowie. Ridiculous people gained copious amounts of power. I don’t think I have ever been more happy to be living in New Zealand, distance from the rest of the world can at times be frustrating, but in this sense it is such a good thing. Environmental disasters plagued the world like the fires in Indonesia. Humanitarian tragedies occurred, ones that seem like they have no feasible end as the influences upon the whole Syrian situation are so convoluted. Indigenous rights continue to be flouted to meet the needs of multi-national conglomerates and militarized forces being used despite the peaceful resistance that the water protectors are maintaining. Some of us also had some rather trying times in personal arenas. Frankly 2016 you weren’t the best. However there were times that you were pretty damn amazing. 2017 please look to those positive moments as the source of your inspiration so you can be ridiculously good.



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